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Definitions of terms commonly used in quilting


A technique in which a piece of fabric, often cut with the aid of a template, is sewn onto a larger piece of fabric to form a design.


The fabric on the underside of a quilt, made from a single cut of fabric or pieced from various fabrics; the bottom of a quilt.


A 45 degree diagonal direction on a piece of fabric.


A type of fabric that is dyed in some areas to create multi-layered pattern and colors; Indonesia is best known for its batik fabric.


Soft middle layer of a quilt. It can be made from a variety of materials – cotton, polyester, wool, bamboo or a blend of these, and also in a variety of widths from 45″ – 124″. The different materials affect the ‘loft of the quilt and the distance between he quilting.


A long strip, or strips, of fabric that wraps around the edges of a quilt, usually the last piece to be attached to a quilt.


A designed unit that, when combined with other blocks, comprise a quilt top.


A long piece of fabric, usually 44” wide, that is wound around a flat piece of cardboard.

BOM, Block-of-the-Month

A type of quilt club or program in which parts of a quilt are completed on a monthly basis; usually the material and pattern for a single block is sent each month.


Outer pieces included in some quilt designs that may act as a frame for the blocks it surrounds.

Charm quilt

Traditionally it’s made with scraps and no two pieces are the same. The modern charm quilt is more likely to be made using a charm pack – which contains approx. 40 5” or 5.5”pieces all from one range of fabrics.

Scrap quilts are made up from scraps as the name suggests, but differ from charm quilts because fabrics can be repeated.


Refers to the piece or pieces that complete a quilt, usually including the binding.

LOF, Length of Fabric

The direction of a fabric that runs perpindicular to the WOF.


Bounce or thickness of a quilt determined by the choice of wadding.


The stitching that holds the 3 layers, top, wadding and backing, together to create a quilt. It can be done by hand or machine.

Quilt Kits

A product that contains the pattern and fabric required to make a quilt, usually without the backing.

Quilt Top

The front of a quilt, usually comprised of several blocks.

Sampler Quilt

A type of quilt in which no block repeats in pattern and typically varies in size.

Selvage, Selvedge

The edge of fabric, usually printed with information to identify the collection it belongs to and the manufacturer.

Specialty Cuts

Yardage that is pre-cut to specific sizes.

WOF, Width of Fabric

The direction of a fabric that runs from selvedge to selvedge on a bolt, usually 44″ wide unless otherwise noted.

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