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About Sizzix

Why Buy a Sizzix Big shot or a Big Shot Pro?

We only sell what we have tried and prove to work for Quilters

Why a Fabric Cutter? We want to have perfect cuts in seconds

I like to cut 100+triangles in 2 seconds – how about your?

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 Big Shot: This machine is incredibly strong for a small size machine, you do not fold it up – so you have a very solid supportive section in the middle – your dies have this base to support them we get perfect cuts every time!  No effort cranking the handle – you also have the added advantage of two cutting pads one under and one on top of the die – again more support and again 6 – 10 layers of fabric or even more depending on the fabric!
Big Shot Pro: This is the machine for Quilters with the fantastic Extended Tray to allow us to cut those great long Strips! This machine is heavier – you do not need to worry about it moving while you crank the handle, the center part of the machine is stable – this is where you need all the strength, this ensures perfect stablility while your fabric passes through the rollers, ensuring cuts are all the same each and every time.

 About Those Dies

  • Steel-Rule construction allows for years of use with no need for sharpening, ever!
  • Maximize fabric use by aligning fabric to blade’s edge instead of die’s edge
  • Create shapes from a wide range of materials, including paper, thin craft metal, fabrics, leather and more
  • Perform a test cut first, to confirm shape is your desired size
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty



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